Today The Flamethrower Expert expanded to add Casey Hogan and James Meaney to the team. Together they share over 28 years of experience as armorers and gunsmiths in the Marine Corps. This, combined with their wealth of knowledge of military maintenance, history experience, and flamethrower expertise added together with the extensive knowledge and experience of Charles Hobson, we have  added more fuel to our tanks. This team has grown its ability to provide instructor, operator training along with maintenance services to the next higher level.

This website is dedicated to the preservation and safe operation of US military flamethrowers. Our  intention is to quickly give the reader an overview of the flamethrowers that are available, how to identify the various US models, how they are restored, and the services that we have available.

We have combined have over 40 years experience with flamethrower technology, and we have traveled around the country participating in various flamethrower-related events. We also collect, restore, and sell various flamethrower models from many different countries and conflicts. Charlie has done many videos, Q&A’s and interviews about flamethrowers such as Forgotten Weapons and MrBeast.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or on our Facebook: