Buying and Selling Working Flame Throwers

I am interested in purchasing any model flamethrowers available and occasionally I have units for sale. Most units I sell to contacts that I know, and if I don’t already have a buyer, I will offer complete and working units on in the classified section under flamethrower. Any flamethrowers I offer will be in working condition with a rebuild report in booklet form. For more on rebuilding see my restoration section.

I am always looking for partial or complete US Models, but I will purchase any parts or pieces of foreign units. I have restored one Japanese Model 100, one German WWII F41 and greatly enjoyed the experience of firing both. You can see photos of the Japanese on multiple websites by googling WWII Japanese Flamethrower. It was fired by the USMC Paris Island Historical Association at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum WWII Air Show in June, 2008.

I will brokerage flamethrowers that have been properly rebuilt and tested In most cases, each model has a certain collector or museum that has the most interest. I will negotiate with sellers on an individual basis for a fair price for both parties. There are some laws both state and federal, and we will adhere to the letter of the law. For all sales, I require a background check and a legal waiver stating that you understand the dangers and will not hold me liable.

sale Reproduction M2 on left and original WWII M2 on right. The reproduction M2-2R is new manufactured with a 800psi hydrostatic limit. This flamethrower sold in March 2009 in perfect working order, test fired, with manual, service kit, and ignition system.
sale This unit is owned by a private indivigual who has asked me to sell it. It is in perfect working order and comes complete with everything you need to fire.

For more information and photos look on and email me to see if I currently have any flamethowers for sale.

Buying and Selling Flame Thrower Parts

I am mostly looking to buy parts and restore parts to working condition for owners of flamethrowers. The restorations I do require parts that I can rebuild or new parts. However, I do have some new parts for sale like the one above.

USGI Parts for Sale
WWII Grove regulators
USGI Safety valves
M2-A1 gas cap seals
M2 wand valve seal
M2 hose to tank seal
M2 Hose
M2 Rupture disk assemblies
M1 hose
High Pressure N2 Quick Connect
M9-7, all seals, including Gas Caps
Reproduction Parts
M2 front grip assembly
M2 steel ignition shield
M2 barrels
M2 rear grip assembly
M2 Canvas back pack pad
M2 clamp on Shure-fire for ignition

Top is original USGI M2, bottom is reproduction M2. Both are working, tested to 600 psi and function flawlessly.

Prices change regularly and some parts may be temporarily out of stock. Email for current prices and availability.